All mandatory TC positions are assigned an ASHRAE e-mail alias addresses. To view the entire list, download or view the positional e-mail alias list here. If there is no alias, contact the TC chair.
NameVoting StatusCommittee Position
Christopher SeetonVotingChair
Julie MajurinVotingVice Chair
Elyse SorensonVotingSecretary
Kevin ConnorVotingHandbook Subcommittee Chair
Debra KennoyVotingStandards Subcommittee Chair
Stephen KujakNon-votingResearch Subc/webmaster
Michael PetersenNon-votingProgram Subcommittee Chair
Barbara MinorVotingMtg.lowgwp Liaison
Kenji TakizawaVotingMember Non Quorum
Warren CloughVotingMember