All mandatory TC positions are assigned an ASHRAE e-mail alias addresses. To view the entire list, download or view the positional e-mail alias list here. If there is no alias, contact the TC chair.
NameVoting StatusCommittee Position
Sonya PouncyVotingChair
Robyn EllisVotingVice Ch/webmaster
David NorvellVotingSecretary
Mina AgarabiVotingProgram Subc Ch/mtg.ebo Liaison
Michael BobkerNon-votingResearch Subcommittee Chair
Richard DamesNon-votingMtg.bim Liaison
Richard DanksNon-votingBpa/whpa Liaison
Julia DayNon-votingEducation & Training Subc/mtg.obb Liaison
Orvil DillenbeckVotingHandbook Subcommittee Chair
David HandworkNon-votingAppa Std 1000 Liaison