All mandatory TC positions are assigned an ASHRAE e-mail alias addresses. To view the entire list, download or view the positional e-mail alias list here. If there is no alias, contact the TC chair.
NameVoting StatusCommittee Position
Ashish RakhejaVotingChair/international Subc ch
William StaffordVotingVice Chair
Joy AltwiesNon-votingSecretary/research Subc ch
Fred BetzVotingWateR-Energy Nexus Subc ch
James BradburnNon-votingMembership Subcommittee Chair
Kevin BrownVotingProgram Subcommittee Chair
Calina FerraroVotingWateR-Energy Nexus
Thomas LawrenceVotingStandards Subc Ch/ali Coordinator/green Guide Subc ch
Dunstan MacauleyNon-votingExisting & Future Buildings Challenges Subc Ch.
Lisa NgVotingWebmaster